Meet Davidson

The Founder of Ordrs, the Amazon Prime for Brands with same-day-delivery.

“I have no idea what I wanted to fact I didn’t even have an idea…”

Davidson came to us with absolutely nothing. No idea, nothing. He just wanted to get into entrepreneurship. he had a lightbulb moment and came up with the concept for ORDRS. We matched him to James Pringle who helped him to do the following three things:


Davidson didn’t have the technical capabilities to build his app, so his mentor helped him to find a technical co-founder to build his prototype.


Helped Davidson to structure his business model.


Gave Davidson knowledge and experience on how to start a successful company.


Electronic & Computer Engineering Undergraduate


CEO @ Suggestv - Intelligent Video Discovery


Got on an Entrepreneur First internship programme where he worked for a startup who had gone through Entrepreneur First’s accelerator programme. If it weren’t for Surgify, he wouldn’t have got this. He got experience on how to run a successful company.
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